Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Tres Dias is an interdenominational Christian three-day ministry. Weekends in communities typically occur two or three times a year and men and women attend separate weekends. Tres Dias was founded in New York in 1972. Then, in 1985 Tres Dias became an international organization when communities were chartered in Korea and Germany. Tres Dias’ global reach now includes Denmark, Peru, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, and Russia.
After attending multiple Tres Dias weekends around the world, a group of Minnesotans came together to start a Minnesota Tres Dias over 10 years ago. Since then, over 1000 Christians have attended Minnesota Tres Dias and nearly 100 churches have been represented on the weekends. Not only do community members serve in their home churches, but Tres Dias attendees have gone on to start new ministries, serve overseas and establish new home churches.