Our Leadership

President:  Heidi Cogan

Vice President:  Donna Gainor

 Recording Secretary:  Nichole Hall

Treasurer:  Sarah Burg

MTD Standing Committees

Leaders:  Lois Swanson* and Jeff Vogelsang*

Pre-weekend:  Joseph and Traci Schultz

Weekend:  Jay Allen*

Fourth Day:  Sue Westphal*

Palanca:  Karyn Montgomery*

Newsletter:  Patty Castner* and Ed Johnson

Webmaster:  Scott Goerdt*

Rector Selection:  (Men’s) Ben Erickson* and Scott Cummings 

(Women’s)  Chelsa Jacobson*, Kim Anderson and Lisa Cummings

Community Spiritual Director:  Mike Lynch

Other Committees

Database:  Joseph Schultz

Nominating Committee:  Greg Flint*

* indicates committee chair